Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sakit hati ku....


So i had a worst week ever, started w my workin shifts, my Cuti, my annoyin staff & lot's more. Yeah probably it's juz workin drama, but wat tha hell i'm still GOOD!!! Juz listen to my fave. song from Bullets for my valentine n all my stress will "hilang" esp. Waking tha demon..haha mayb u shud try it laa...

MAA 08 this 2nd,August. I wanna go laa, we talkin bout tha man from Mars babe. Jared leto *wink* I love 30 second to mars but wat to do i'll b on vacation w my family. Celebrate my parents anniversary..I need some time away from all this crazeeness in my life...mean Work!! I can smell tha ocean hahaha pathetic laa,sangat!!!i'll b away from 2th August to 4th August kot haha dun miss me!! I hate packin' man hate it!! Ijai called asked me to start packin coz i'm to lazy to pack my stuff haha..

Owhh Mr.Joker...Why so serious?? i blom tgk laa,but totally i'm goin to...Health Ledger is tha greatest actor man..i think every gurl falls for him in "10 things i hate about u" his eyes,his smile. Aiyaa Aussie actor yg cute! We totally gonna miss u, R.I.P...



Monday, July 28, 2008

Unzipped 8tv @ Ruums KL


"They will kill us all, Estranged & Love me butch"...
Ya... actually i'm so there coz of Estranged but what da heck it was indie band will B performed. So
"Supports our local band" hehehe owhh i love to say that...Me n my entourage(Amy& Ijai) waited outside tha club n saw Rich, so waved at him n he came n we all talked ngehehe ;)
Then we all been asked for interview from 8tv..urghhhh hate it!!! guess i'm not that COOL huh...
We when inside tha club, there were merchandise on sale by WE ARE ENVY
. I bought tha Estranged shirt =) i really love it... when to tha stage...waited n waited..Rina from 8tv was entertained us while tha band were bz make up hahaha...
Started with They will kill us all, honestly i kinda like it..urmm this was tha 2nd time i watched 'em
live. Their lead singer reminds me to Lukas Rossi mayb b'coz of the specs or tha hair hehee...
Then my fave. band Estranged, i get so excited coz Ken Chong w 'em hahaha

Yeah i kinda shouted his name"Ken chong!!!"Their played Yang Pernah,Velocity,Itu kamu,Masa,Time & more tracks from tha new album. On stage Rich kacauing me, started w asked me to sing Itu kamu..wow i'm so Maluu, well i can't sing..coz there come HUJANNNNN!!hahaha
& on stage i saw Din laughed, well din JAHATTT ;p
The 3rd band to performed was Love me butch. Tha crowd gettin' Crazeee, n i love 'em!!!
But i didn't stay long for 'em. Ijai decided to buy tha ROTTW mag...cover of Estranged!!! i oso buy 'em 4 my lil sis Yana(wish u were here) n we managed to get Estranged autograph tha mag (Thanx Din u such a sweetheart) it was funny coz i known 'em quite a long time but baru skrang dapat their autograph hahaha.We all take some photo with 'em...& thanx to Mei wong their manager oso managed to get Enha to signed...Thanx all ;)
We out from Ruums n get something to eat Lapar Gilerrr...makan at Pavilion my fave.spot hahaha...Till then

Yeaahhh this is my 1st post so bare with me hehehe =)
ciao AJ